Dial-up Networking Settings for Windows 98

1. Double Click on My Computer

2. Double Click on Dial-Up Networking
(click on make new connection and type Okanagan.net)

3. Click Next and type the telephone number 717-8201
(click next and then finish)

4. Left Click Properties
The Telephone Number Should be 717-8201

6. Click on the "Server Types" Tab
The Pull Down Menu Should read "PPP:Internet, Windows NT Server, Windows98"
Put check marks in "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP"

9. Click on TCP/IP Settings
The Settings Should be...
Server assigned IP address
Server assigned name server addresses
Both check marks should be checked

Click Ok
11. Click on the Scripting Tab
The file name should be blank and the check box should be empty

If your settings look as the Diagaram's show then all the settings should be correct.

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