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Budgets and shoe-strings

The Independent Living Resource Centre, like all non-profit organizations, works on a shoe-string budget and relies on the hard work of its volunteers and the generosity of its friends and patrons to allow it to accomplish its mission.

Here's what Roxanne Dickson says about her ILRC experience:

"For nine years I have been volunteering at ILRC and enjoying it. Everyone is friendly and enjoys helping other people when they can which is most of the time. I started working in the office answering the phone, photocopying and working on cards which I enjoy; I come in two or three days a week but usually on Tuesday because that is my work day. As a a member of ILRC I can go places with the group and enjoy making friends and having fun. They have a coffee day when we get together and talk about what we have been doing. We also talk about what we would like to do for fun for the next month if we can afford it and we like everyone who is a member to come and join us".

We need your help.

The Mayor asks for your support, and Darrel Stinson, M.P. for Okanagan-Shuswap wrote congratulating us on our community efforts.

Become a member. The cost is nominal

Individual: $5.00
Organization: $20.00
Business: $50.00

Becoming a member tells us you care. In return you will receive a monthly newsletter, and voting rights at our AGM

Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Please consider volunteering your time or expertise.


You can also help in the following ways:

picture of pen and paper
Contribute an article to our monthly newsletter.
coins falling into hat
Make a donation:
coffee carafe
$25 would get us a coffee carafe to carry to our meetings
$150 would cover the costs of the newsletter for one month,
[Your Name Here]
$300 would place your banner at the top of our newsletter as our sponsor
file cabinet
$500 would keep us in office supplies for a couple of months
$3000 would replace one of our aging computers. A gift of computer equipment more recent that our 386's would be greatly appreciated.
Kids On The Block puppets
$25,000.00 would enable us to pay a coordinator for the "Kids On The Block" puppet program and allow us to take the message that disabilities should not be frightening, to more of our children.


Our office is in desperate need of

computer equipment
a photocopier
fax machine
a fax machine that takes 81/2" X 11" paper
a new vacuum cleaner

Your tax deductible donations and bequests are always greatly appreciated.


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